Volume 2: Stories Not Yet Told

Some stories that were researched but could not be included for lack of time or the unanticipated death of the people involved are listed below. There are still other stories that doubtless should be added to this list.

Cheryl Perera and OneChild.ca – Protecting children from exploitation

International Baccalaureate, Overseas School of Colombo and Canadian preschool teachers – Education programs and Canadian teachers

Canadian Red Cross – Its long time partnership with the Sri Lankan Red Cross

Federation of Canadian Municipalities – Assisted town halls and public libraries post tsunami

SAPSRI and Dr. Padma Ratnayake (deceased 2012) – Worked to renew beeralu lacemaking

Dr. Abeydeera (deceased 2012) – Of the Sri Lanka Canadian Development Foundation

Nick Cavell – Set up the Colombo Plan in the 1950s

John Henderson – Did the first aerial survey of Sri Lanka

Canada’s International Development Research Centre – Awarded two think tanks, Institute of Policy Studies and Centre for Poverty Analysis


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